2 Best Online Master’s in Art Education Degree Programs

2 Best Online Master’s in Art Education Degree Programs

Consider a graduate program in Art Education? Do you like the idea of helping different levels of education learn to convert their creative energy into art projects in the best possible way? Do you have a passion for discussing art with others? Are you open to manipulation classes in art and education? Do you want a job-focused program in teacher education If so, the Graduate Program in Art Education can prepare you for some of the most rewarding career opportunities, even in public and private schools. Music, theater, and the visual arts are important forms of self-expression, which art instructors help students discover and develop. Depending on the specialty of the art teacher, you may be invited not only to teach creative processes, but also to teach art theory, art history, art appreciation, or supervise theater or music programs. Some graduates with degrees in arts education may choose to work with gifted or private education students, while some graduate programs in arts education may not.

Kent State University

Kent State University is a public research institution located in Kent, Ohio, with a series of satellites located throughout the state. There are 30,167 students enrolled and the ratio of students to faculty is 21: 1. The Commission on Higher Education adopts Kent State University to award bachelor, master and doctorate degrees in addition to professional certificates. According to the US news. In the USA, Kent State University is ranked 176th among the best schools in the country and 95th among the best public schools and 72nd in terms of the best online higher education programs. When it comes to academic programming, Kent State offers everything from accounting to zoology. There are a number of unique programs, such as a bachelor’s degree in photojournalism, a doctorate in interpretation and translation, and a bachelor’s degree in peace studies and conflict resolution. About 20 degrees are available online at Kent State, including an online master’s in art teacher education, an online master’s in library science and an online bachelor’s degree in public health. Kent State University is an excellent choice for those seeking a flexible, high-quality degree. Kent State University offers an online Master of Arts in Arts Education for people who are currently working as art educators. We chose this program for high quality academic programming. This online master’s degree requires 33 credit hours to complete and includes courses such as Art History, Philosophy of Art Education, Curriculum Teaching Design, and Education, among others. Students have the option to crown their experience with the Master’s thesis project. If you are looking for a comfortable, high-quality online Master of Arts Education, try Kent State.

Maryland Institute College of Art

The Maryland Institute of Art Institute (MICA) is a private school of arts and design located in Baltimore, Maryland. Founded in 1826, MICA is the oldest university of art and design in the United States. MICA is famous for the body of highly qualified students and a large number of Fulbright academics. There are 2,112 students enrolled and the student to faculty ratio is 9: 1. MICA offers a number of excellent student support services including dual credit, graduate employment services, and academic and career counseling. As an organization with a special focus, MICA specializes in programming diplomas that emphasize the arts. Students can choose from art history, design, ceramics, illustration, photography, drawing, sculpture, and more. Online degree programs focus on design, business, and art teacher education. For a high-quality arts degree, MICA is one of the best. The Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) grants a low / primarily MA residency in Art in Art Education. We chose this program for its academic quality and accelerated format. This 14-month degree requires time on the Baltimore, Maryland campus. This occurs over two summer semesters, as this program is designed to accommodate the schedule of working teachers. This mixed degree requires 34 credit hours to complete and includes interesting courses such as: Contemporary Art Education, Art History, Qualitative Research, Study Research, Contemporary Topics in Art and Writing for Publications.

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