Career Paths and Job Outlook for Art Educators

If you’re an artistic person but have also been bitten by the teaching bug, you can combine these two industries to become an educator in the arts. There are a few different career paths you can choose within this field, each with different advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at your options to you can find the job that’s best for you.

Elementary Art Education

Like working with younger children? Elementary art education might be a great path to consider. In this role, you’ll introduce children to art, which could include working on craft projects, painting, drawing with colored pencils, sculpting, and more. At this point, it’s more about expression than specific skills, and most art educators encourage children to try a wide variety of different processes to find what they like best. Being an elementary art teacher can be challenging and messy, but it can also be a lot of fun.

Secondary Art Education

Art education for teens and young adults carried over some of the skills learned as an elementary student, but teachers focus more on teaching specific skills, like how to draw with perspective, how to use a pottery wheel, and how to mix paints. Most art educators also cover art history topics, not just skill-based topics.

College Art Education

If you earn an advanced degree in the art education field, you can also teach at the college level. This focuses on helping students hone art skills or learn more about art history. Typically, art professors choose studio art or art history, as well as further specialize in a specific type of art or period of art.

Other Teaching Jobs

Although most education for art teachers focuses on working in a school environment, this isn’t the only option you have. You can also work in an education role in the art field at museums and other facilities, teaching the general public more about the world of art. Some artists even teach private classes at their own studios, where you’ll teach adult students how to create whatever kind of art is your specialty. So art education isn’t just for traditional schools anymore!

Featured Online Art Education Schools

Art Education (MA)Boston University — The MA in Art Education at Boston University features a curriculum designed and taught by leaders in the field. Courses include Contemporary Issues in Art Education, Teaching Arts to Special Populations, Art Curriculum Planning, History of Art Education, and Masters Research Project. The convenient online program enables working professionals the opportunity to earn their degree.
Education (AA)Education (BS)General Ed (MEd)Doctor of EducationLiberty University — The AA in Education, BS in Education, M.Ed. in General Ed., and Doctor of Education from Liberty University feature dynamic curriculums that impart critical knowledge in learning excellence to future educators or seasoned professionals. Degree programs can be completed in a combination of online and residential formats.
K-12 Education (MS)5-12 Teaching (MA)Ed Assessment (MSHE)Kaplan University — Kaplan University features many graduate degrees that can take your teaching career to the next level. The MS in K-12 Education, MA in 5-12 Teaching, and MSHE in Educational Assessment provide graduates with the knowledge and skill set they need to compete for jobs in administration or to improve their abilities in the classroom.
Curriculum & Instruction (MS)Edu Leadership (MS)Elementary Literacy (MS)Gr. 6-8 Math (MS)Middle School Ed (MS)Walden University — Walden University is one of the leading schools in online education with a wide range of programs available in Education. Students can choose to major in Curriculum and InstructionEducation LeadershipElementary LiteracyGrade 6–8 Math, and Middle School Education.
K-8 Education (BS)Special Ed (BS)Sec. Ed. Business (BS)Sec. Ed. English (BS)Sec. Ed Social Studies (BS)Sec. Ed Math (BS)Grand Canyon University — At Grand Canyon University, students have a menu of degree options including bachelor?s degrees in K-8 EducationSpecial Ed.Sec. Ed. BusinessEnglishSocial Studies, and Math. Working professionals are able to complete these programs as time permits, providing them with a flexible, world-class educational option.
Ed Leadership (EdD)Northcentral University — The EdD – Educational Leadership from Northcentral University features a wide variety of specializations for the prospective student to explore, including Athletic Administration, Early Childhood Education, Educational Leadership, Curriculum and Teaching, International Education, and E-Learning. Completed entirely online, the program is perfect for established professionals looking for a new role in education.
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