Salary Information for Art Educators

How much you’ll earn in any field depends on a number of factors. Art education is no different. While most educators in this field make between $25,000 and $100,000 annually – but that’s a big range. Let’s take a look at the specific salary you can expect based on various factors in your life.

Salary by Location

One the factors that affects salary most is location. In areas where demand is high, you can expect to make more money. In addition, salary for teachers depends on state and local funding, so do your research. And keep in mind that if you work in a high-need area for a set amount of time, the government might even forgive some of your student loans, which is a great addition to your salary.

Of course, the type of art education you choose plays a huge role in how much you’ll earn. As an example, let’s look at postsecondary (college) educator salaries in the art field. In general, the states offering art teachers the highest salaries are as follows:

  • New York: $105,420
  • California: $92,600
  • Massachusetts: $84,610

Specifically, some cities where average wages are high include New York, Riverside, Rochester, Burlington, and San Francisco. Additionally, if you don’t want to work in a large city, high-paying jobs for art educators are found in southwestern Maine, eastern Georgia, and southeastern Minnesota. In all of these areas, you can expect to earn over $85,000 annually on average.

Type of Employer

Where you work in terms of location is only part of the puzzle. The type of employer hiring you also plays a role in what you’ll earn as an art educator. For professors, the top-paying jobs are located at college, university and professional schools, followed by junior colleges and tech/trade schools. As an elementary, junior high, or high school educator, you can expect to make more at private schools than public schools, but it depends on the specific school in question.

Other Factors Affecting Salary

What else affects you salary as an art educator? Here are just a few of the factors that come into play:

  • Your experience in the field
  • Your specializations
  • How much education you have in the field
  • Whether or not you’re a tenured teacher
  • The size of the school where you work

Keep in mind that many teaching jobs come connected to other perks as well, such as retirement funds, paid vacation days, free tuition for an advanced degree, and more!

Featured Online Art Education Schools

Boston UniversityArt Education (MA)Boston University — The MA in Art Education at Boston University features a curriculum designed and taught by leaders in the field. Courses include Contemporary Issues in Art Education, Teaching Arts to Special Populations, Art Curriculum Planning, History of Art Education, and Masters Research Project. The convenient online program enables working professionals the opportunity to earn their degree.
Liberty UniversityEducation (AA)Education (BS)General Ed (MEd)Doctor of EducationLiberty University — The AA in Education, BS in Education, M.Ed. in General Ed., and Doctor of Education from Liberty University feature dynamic curriculums that impart critical knowledge in learning excellence to future educators or seasoned professionals. Degree programs can be completed in a combination of online and residential formats.
Kaplan UniversityK-12 Education (MS)5-12 Teaching (MA)Ed Assessment (MSHE)Kaplan University — Kaplan University features many graduate degrees that can take your teaching career to the next level. The MS in K-12 Education, MA in 5-12 Teaching, and MSHE in Educational Assessment provide graduates with the knowledge and skill set they need to compete for jobs in administration or to improve their abilities in the classroom.
Grand Canyon UniversityCurriculum & Instruction (MS)Edu Leadership (MS)Elementary Literacy (MS)Gr. 6-8 Math (MS)Middle School Ed (MS)Walden University — Walden University is one of the leading schools in online education with a wide range of programs available in Education. Students can choose to major in Curriculum and InstructionEducation LeadershipElementary LiteracyGrade 6–8 Math, and Middle School Education.
Grand Canyon UniversityK-8 Education (BS)Special Ed (BS)Sec. Ed. Business (BS)Sec. Ed. English (BS)Sec. Ed Social Studies (BS)Sec. Ed Math (BS)Grand Canyon University — At Grand Canyon University, students have a menu of degree options including bachelor?s degrees in K-8 EducationSpecial Ed.Sec. Ed. BusinessEnglishSocial Studies, and Math. Working professionals are able to complete these programs as time permits, providing them with a flexible, world-class educational option.
Northcentral UniversityEd Leadership (EdD)Northcentral University — The EdD – Educational Leadership from Northcentral University features a wide variety of specializations for the prospective student to explore, including Athletic Administration, Early Childhood Education, Educational Leadership, Curriculum and Teaching, International Education, and E-Learning. Completed entirely online, the program is perfect for established professionals looking for a new role in education.
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